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IATA codes are universally recognized codes used in aviation (schedules, ticket reservations/sales, boarding passes, flight status, baggage tags, and so on). These codes are assigned and managed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA codes are the most accepted airport codes because they are used by airlines to facilitate passenger air travel.

IATA codes API consist of three alphabetic characters. In some cases, IATA codes are also assigned to non-airport facilities associated with air transportation, such as train and bus stations. In addition, IATA also assigns city and metropolitan area codes using the same three-letter format, which in many cases duplicates the airport code.

AirLabs database of airline and location code search provides simple and easy-to-use Restful API access to the IATA Code API and the codes officially assigned by IATA.

IATA Airline Code Search

Find a 2-letter airline code or determine which airline a specific 2-letter code corresponds to and get complete information about the carrier.

IATA Airport Codes API

Find the 3-letter airport location code or identify which airport uses which code and get all available information.

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Compared to the official IATA Open Air APIs, we provide access to all static and real-time data such as Flight Radar API, airline routes database, airline schedules database, airport autocomplete API, flight information API and other aviation apis.

IATA Database

Our IATA database contains a complete list of all IATA codes for airports and airlines, from the official IATA code search dataset. In addition, our lists include many useful aviation apis in the travel industry to help developers and startups get all related data at once. 

IATA API Developer

If you are an IATA API developer or if you are looking for a way to get the data you need to prototype your application or web service or if you need high-quality data to implement in existing business and increase data coverage, you can refer to the developer documentation where you will find comprehensive examples of using the IATA API.

Supported API Features

Our Developer API allows you to create a custom experience for your users and increase the value of your product.

  • Airport database with IATA and ICAO codes.

  • City database with names and geo-locations.

  • Airline database with detailed information.

  • Airline routes database with departure & arrival information. 

  • Detailed air fleet database.

  • Countries database.

  • Real-Time Flights Tracking API.

  • Timetable Schedules API.

  • Real-time flight status and information.

  • Flight Alert API to monitor all updates.

  • Nearest Geo API for searching airports and cities by radius.

  • Autocomplete API to suggest airports and cities by name.

3 Letter Airport Codes 

IATA Airport codes list with complete data in all available languages.


  "name": "Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport",
  "iata_code": "CDG",
  "icao_code": "LFPG",
  "lat": 49.009592,
  "lng": 2.555675,
  "alt": 392,
  "city": "Paris",
  "city_code": "PAR",
  "un_locode": "FRCDG",
  "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
  "country_code": "FR",
  "phone": "+33170363950",
  "website": "http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/",
  "facebook": "facebook.com/parisaeroport",
  "instagram": "instagram.com/parisaeroport/",
  "linkedin": "linkedin.com/company/groupe-adp",
  "twitter": "twitter.com/parisaeroport",
  "names": {
    "no": "Charles de Gaulle internasjonale lufthavn",
    "de": "Flughafen Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle",
    "hi": "चार्ल्स डि गॉल विमानक्षेत्र",
    "ln": "Libándá lya Ndáko ya mpɛ́pɔ Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle",
    "ru": "Париж — Шарль-де-Голль",
    "fi": "Charles de Gaullen kansainvälinen lentoasema",
    "pt": "Aeroporto de Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
    "jv": "Bandhar Udhara Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
    "fr": "Aéroport Paris–Charles de Gaulle",
    "hu": "Párizs-Charles de Gaulle repülőtér",
    "wuu": "巴黎夏尔·戴高乐机场",
    "uk": "Міжнародний аеропорт імені Шарля де Голля",
    "sk": "Letisko Charlesa de Gaulla",
    "id": "Bandar Udara Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
    "mk": "Аеродром Париз-Шарл де Гол",
    "sv": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle-flygplatsen",
    "ko": "파리 샤를 드 골 공항",
    "pnb": "پیرس چارلس ڈیگال ہوائی اڈہ",
    "mr": "चार्ल्स दि गॉल आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ",
    "el": "Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Παρισιού Σαρλ ντε Γκωλ",
    "en": "Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport",
    "is": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle-flugvöllur",
    "it": "Aeroporto di Parigi Charles de Gaulle",
    "ta": "சார்லசு டிகால் வானூர்தி நிலையம்",
    "es": "Aeropuerto de París - Charles de Gaulle",
    "cs": "Letiště Charlese de Gaulla",
    "ar": "مطار باريس شارل دو غول الدولي",
    "vi": "Sân bay quốc tế Charles-de-Gaulle",
    "th": "ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติปารีส-ชาร์ล เดอ โกล",
    "ja": "シャルル・ド・ゴール国際空港",
    "fa": "فرودگاه پاری-شارل-دو-گل",
    "pl": "Port lotniczy Paryż-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle",
    "ro": "Aeroportul Internațional Charles de Gaulle",
    "he": "נמל התעופה שארל דה גול",
    "tr": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle Havalimanı",
    "nl": "Luchthaven Parijs-Charles de Gaulle"
  "runways": 8,
  "departures": 186292,
  "connections": 411,
  "is_major": false,
  "is_international": 1,
  "slug": "charles-gaulle-cdg-lfpg-fr"

IATA Airline Codes

Below is a basic example of using the HTTP API to retrieve IATA airlines list.


  "name": "American Airlines",
  "iata_code": "AA",
  "iata_prefix": 1,
  "iata_accounting": 1,
  "icao_code": "AAL",
  "callsign": "AMERICAN",
  "country_code": "US",
  "iosa_registered": 1,
  "is_scheduled": 1,
  "is_passenger": 1,
  "is_cargo": 1,
  "is_international": 1,
  "total_aircrafts": 684,
  "average_fleet_age": 10,
  "accidents_last_5y": 26,
  "crashes_last_5y": 0,
  "website": "www.aa.com",
  "facebook": "facebook.com/aa",
  "twitter": "twitter.com/americanair",
  "instagram": "instagram.com/americanair",
  "linkedin": "linkedin.com/company/american-airlines",
  "slug": "american-aa-aal-us"

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