NearBy API

Learn about the NearBy API and how it can be useful to your audience.

You can use the Airports API in your services to show users the nearest departure airport or all available airports within a given radius.

Some of our clients, thanks to the NearBy API, are developing smart assistant bots that do more than their users expect.

And how can you apply the NearBy Airports API to your business?

NearBy API request:


NearBy API request parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
lat required Geo location Latitude.
lng required Geo location Longitude.
distance required Distance from required Geo location (km)
lang optional 2 letter language code
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: name,iata_code,icao_code,lat,lng)

Example API Response:

                "airports": [{
                  "icao_code": "WIHH",
                  "country_code": "ID",
                  "iata_code": "HLP",
                  "lng": 106.891176,
                  "city": "Jakarta",
                  "timezone": "Asia/Jakarta",
                  "name": "Halim Perdanakusuma Airport",
                  "city_code": "JKT",
                  "slug": "halim-perdanakusuma-hlp-wihh-id",
                  "lat": -6.266929,
                  "popularity": 39391,
                  "distance": 12.348
                }, {
                  "icao_code": "WIHP",
                  "country_code": "ID",
                  "iata_code": "PCB",
                  "lng": 106.764999,
                  "city": "Jakarta",
                  "timezone": "Asia/Jakarta",
                  "name": "Pondok Cabe Air Base",
                  "city_code": "PCB",
                  "slug": "pondok-cabe-pcb-wihp-id",
                  "lat": -6.33696,
                  "popularity": 24609,
                  "distance": 19.426
                }, {
                  "icao_code": "WIII",
                  "country_code": "ID",
                  "iata_code": "CGK",
                  "lng": 106.655808,
                  "city": "Jakarta",
                  "timezone": "Asia/Jakarta",
                  "name": "Soekarno-Hatta International Airport",
                  "city_code": "JKT",
                  "slug": "soekarno-hatta-cgk-wiii-id",
                  "lat": -6.127261,
                  "popularity": 39689,
                  "distance": 19.893
                "cities": [{
                  "country_code": "ID",
                  "lng": 106.84513,
                  "timezone": "Asia/Jakarta",
                  "name": "Jakarta",
                  "city_code": "JKT",
                  "slug": "jakarta-jkt-id",
                  "lat": -6.21462,
                  "popularity": 18676,
                  "distance": 4.798

Response Parameters:

Parameter Description
airports List of matched airports, sorted by distance.
cities List of matched cities, sorted by distance.
distance Distance from requested Geo (in km).

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