Airport Autocomplete API

Learn more about airport autocomplete API service.

Airport Autocomplete, like NearBy Service, can be used to improve the user experience in your applications by allowing you to implement intelligent autocomplete for destination names.

Any travel destination search app or site can improve metrics by anticipating user search queries, in any language and possible spelling.

Airport Autocomplete API request:


Airport Autocomplete API request parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
or query
or s
or search
or text
or term
required Part of the destination name - airport, city or country.
Between 3 and 30 characters.
lang optional 2 letter language code
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: name,iata_code,icao_code,lat,lng)

Airport Autocomplete API response example:

                "countries": [{
                  "code": "ES",
                  "code3": "ESP",
                  "name": "Spain",
                  "continent": "EU",
                  "currency": "EUR"
                "cities": [{
                  "country_code": "TT",
                  "lng": -61.51889,
                  "timezone": "America/Port_of_Spain",
                  "name": "Port Of Spain",
                  "city_code": "POS",
                  "slug": "port-spain-pos-tt",
                  "lat": 10.66668,
                  "popularity": 15490
                "airports": [{
                  "country_code": "BZ",
                  "iata_code": "SQS",
                  "lng": -89.017821,
                  "city": "San Ignacio",
                  "timezone": "America/Belize",
                  "name": "Matthew Spain Airport",
                  "city_code": "SQS",
                  "slug": "matthew-spain-sqs-bz",
                  "lat": 17.185045,
                  "popularity": 26989
                "cities_by_airports": [{
                  "country_code": "BZ",
                  "lng": -89.0696,
                  "timezone": "America/Belize",
                  "name": "San Ignacio",
                  "city_code": "SQS",
                  "slug": "san-ignacio-sqs-bz",
                  "lat": 17.1588,
                  "popularity": 14100
                "cities_by_countries": [{
                  "country_code": "ES",
                  "lng": -3.70256,
                  "timezone": "Europe/Madrid",
                  "name": "Madrid",
                  "city_code": "MAD",
                  "slug": "madrid-mad-es",
                  "lat": 40.4165,
                  "popularity": 18611
                "airports_by_cities": [{
                  "icao_code": "TTPP",
                  "country_code": "TT",
                  "iata_code": "POS",
                  "lng": -61.337951,
                  "city": "Port of Spain",
                  "timezone": "America/Port_of_Spain",
                  "name": "Piarco International Airport",
                  "city_code": "POS",
                  "slug": "piarco-pos-ttpp-tt",
                  "lat": 10.59762,
                  "popularity": 39382
                "airports_by_countries": [{
                  "icao_code": "LEMD",
                  "country_code": "ES",
                  "iata_code": "MAD",
                  "lng": -3.565533,
                  "city": "Madrid",
                  "timezone": "Europe/Madrid",
                  "name": "Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport",
                  "city_code": "MAD",
                  "slug": "adolfo-suarez-madrid-barajas-mad-lemd-es",
                  "lat": 40.484669,
                  "popularity": 39664

Airport Autocomplete API response parameters:

Parameter Description
airports List of matched airports.
cities_by_airports List of cities by matched airports.
cities List of matched cities.
airports_by_cities List of airports by matched cities.
countries List of matched countries.
airports_by_countries List of airports by matched countries.
cities_by_countries List of cities by matched countries.

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