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Explore ways to use the Worldwide Airport Database API and in your software.

Like airline data, Airport Data API is fundamental to any travel-related business.

A complete set of airports database is important if your software wants to exceed user expectations and deliver the highest quality products.

The airport API will allow you to display destination maps, display the necessary data on your websites or in your applications in the format you want.

Using airport data, you can do all kinds of calculations, build logistics models, etc., anything you can invent.

Worldwide Airport Database API Request:


Airport Data API request parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
iata_code optional Filtering by Airport IATA code.
icao_code optional Filtering by Airport ICAO code.
city_code optional Filtering by IATA City code.
country_code optional Filtering by Country ISO 2 code from Countries DB.
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: name,iata_code,icao_code,lat,lng)

Airport Database API example response:

                "name": "Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport",
                "iata_code": "CDG",
                "icao_code": "LFPG",
                "lat": 49.009592,
                "lng": 2.555675,
                "alt": 392,
                "city": "Paris",
                "city_code": "PAR",
                "un_locode": "FRCDG",
                "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
                "country_code": "FR",
                "phone": "+33170363950",
                "website": "",
                "facebook": "",
                "instagram": "",
                "linkedin": "",
                "twitter": "",
                "names": {
                    "sv": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle-flygplatsen",
                    "pt": "Aeroporto de Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "nl": "Luchthaven Parijs-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "ln": "Libándá lya Ndáko ya mpɛ́pɔ Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle",
                    "hi": "चार्ल्स डि गॉल विमानक्षेत्र",
                    "es": "Aeropuerto de París - Charles de Gaulle",
                    "cs": "Letiště Charlese de Gaulla",
                    "en": "Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport",
                    "th": "ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติปารีส-ชาร์ล เดอ โกล",
                    "ru": "Париж — Шарль-де-Голль",
                    "ja": "シャルル・ド・ゴール国際空港",
                    "hu": "Párizs-Charles de Gaulle repülőtér",
                    "is": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle-flugvöllur",
                    "el": "Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Παρισιού Σαρλ ντε Γκωλ",
                    "fr": "Aéroport Paris–Charles de Gaulle",
                    "uk": "Міжнародний аеропорт імені Шарля де Голля",
                    "fi": "Charles de Gaullen kansainvälinen lentoasema",
                    "pl": "Port lotniczy Paryż-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "mr": "चार्ल्स दि गॉल आंतरराष्ट्रीय विमानतळ",
                    "he": "נמל התעופה שארל דה גול",
                    "ko": "파리 샤를 드 골 공항",
                    "ar": "مطار باريس شارل دو غول الدولي",
                    "wuu": "巴黎夏尔·戴高乐机场",
                    "ta": "சார்லசு டிகால் வானூர்தி நிலையம்",
                    "ro": "Aeroportul Internațional Charles de Gaulle",
                    "no": "Charles de Gaulle internasjonale lufthavn",
                    "jv": "Bandhar Udhara Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "id": "Bandar Udara Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "de": "Flughafen Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle",
                    "tr": "Paris-Charles de Gaulle Havalimanı",
                    "sk": "Letisko Charlesa de Gaulla",
                    "pnb": "پیرس چارلس ڈیگال ہوائی اڈہ",
                    "mk": "Аеродром Париз-Шарл де Гол",
                    "it": "Aeroporto di Parigi Charles de Gaulle",
                    "fa": "فرودگاه پاری-شارل-دو-گل",
                    "vi": "Sân bay quốc tế Charles-de-Gaulle",
                    "az": "Şarl De Qoll",
                    "da": "Charles de Gaulle Lufthavn",
                    "hr": "Zračna luka Charles de Gaulle",
                    "hy": "Շարլ Դե Գոլ",
                    "jp": "シャルル・ド・ゴール国際空港",
                    "lv": "Šarla de Golla lidosta",
                    "sr": "Aerodrom Šarl de Gol",
                    "sl": "Letališče Charles de Gaulle",
                    "ka": "ჩარლზ დე გოლის აეროპორტი",
                    "ms": "Bandar Udara Paris-Charles de Gaulle",
                    "tl": "Paris Charles de Gaulle"
                "runways": 8,
                "departures": 186292,
                "connections": 411,
                "is_major": false,
                "is_international": 1,
                "slug": "charles-gaulle-cdg-lfpg-fr"

Airports database response parameters:

Parameter Description
name Public name. Available in the Free plan.
iata_code Official IATA code. Available in the Free plan.
icao_code Official ICAO code. Available in the Free plan.
lat Geo Latitude. Available in the Free plan.
lng Geo Longitude. Available in the Free plan.
alt Airport Runway Elevation (feet)
city Airport metropolitan city name from Cities DB.
city_code Airport metropolitan 3 letter city code from Cities DB.
un_locode United Nations location code.
timezone Airport location timezone.
country_code ISO 2 country code from Countries DB. Available in the Free plan.
names Alternative names in different languages.
runways Total airport runways.
departures Total departures from airport per year.
connections Total connections with another airports.
is_major The major airport in metropolitan area.
is_international The airport provides international flights.
website Airport official website.
facebook Airport official Facebook page.
twitter Airport official Twitter account.
instagram Airport official Instagram profile.
linkedin Airport official Linkedin profile.
slug AirLabs generated uniq Airport ID, which you can use for SEO, etc.

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