Airlines Database

Learn about the benefits of using a global airlines database and Airlines API.

Airlines API is the most essential data for any travel startup and companies related to the airline industry.

A complete and reliable set of airline data becomes essential if your app, website or system wants to properly meet customer expectations, whether it is a b2b or b2c market, it does not matter, customers always want the highest quality products.

By integrating the Airlines Database API into your products, you can dramatically improve the quality of your service and focus on what really matters to your business.

Airlines API request:


Airlines API request parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
iata_code optional Filtering by Airline IATA code.
iata_prefix optional Filtering by IATA prefix number.
iata_accounting optional Filtering by IATA accounting number.
icao_code optional Filtering by Airline ICAO code.
callsign optional Filtering by ICAO callsign.
name optional Filtering by Airline name.
country_code optional Filtering by Country ISO 2 code from Countries DB.
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: name,iata_code,icao_code)

Airlines API response:

                "name": "American Airlines",
                "iata_code": "AA",
                "iata_prefix": 1,
                "iata_accounting": 1,
                "icao_code": "AAL",
                "callsign": "AMERICAN",
                "country_code": "US",
                "iosa_registered": 1,
                "is_scheduled": 1,
                "is_passenger": 1,
                "is_cargo": 1,
                "is_international": 1,
                "total_aircrafts": 684,
                "average_fleet_age": 10,
                "accidents_last_5y": 26,
                "crashes_last_5y": 0,
                "website": "",
                "facebook": "",
                "twitter": "",
                "instagram": "",
                "linkedin": "",
                "slug": "american-aa-aal-us"

Airlines Database parameters:

Parameter Description
name Public name. Available in the Free plan.
iata_prefix 3 Numeric Airline Prefix Code for Cargo Operations​.
iata_accounting 3 Numeric Accounting Code for Passenger Operations.
iata_code Official IATA code. Available in the Free plan.
icao_code Official ICAO code. Available in the Free plan.
callsign Allocated ICAO callsign.
country_code ISO 2 country code from Countries DB.
iosa_registered IATA Operational Safety Audit Program.
is_scheduled The airline provides scheduled flights.
is_passenger The airline provides passenger services.
is_cargo The airline provides cargo services.
is_international The airline provides international flights.
total_aircrafts Confirmed total aircrafts.
average_fleet_age Average airline fleet age (years).
accidents_last_5y Airline accidents for the last 5 years.
crashes_last_5y Airline crashes for the last 5 years.
website Airline official website.
facebook Airline official Facebook page.
twitter Airline official Twitter account.
instagram Airline official Instagram profile.
linkedin Airline official Linkedin profile.
slug AirLabs generated uniq Airline ID, which you can use for SEO, etc.

Airline logos:


Airline logos (small):


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