Cities Database API

Learn how to use the Cities Database API in your system.

City data complements and extends airport data, if you need to create functionality that does not depend on airports, you can use cities instead, as well as combine them.

The cities API allows you to display destinations on a map, grouping airports into clusters of cities.

It is also important to know that when integrated with various ticket booking systems, hotel search and GDS-services, IATA city codes can act as a metropolitan area search, showing results at all airports in the city.

Example API Request:


Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
city_code optional Filtering by IATA City code.
country_code optional Filtering by Country ISO 2 code from Countries DB.
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: name,city_code,lat,lng,country_code)

Example API Response:

                "name": "Singapore",
                "city_code": "SIN",
                "un_locode": "SGSIN",
                "lat": 1.28967,
                "lng": 103.85007,
                "alt": 22,
                "timezone": "Asia/Singapore",
                "country_code": "SG",
                "population": 3547809,
                "names": {
                    "de": "Singapur",
                    "hi": "सिंगापुर",
                    "fi": "Singapore",
                    "ru": "Сингапур",
                    "lo": "ປະເທດສິງກະໂປ",
                    "pt": "Singapura",
                    "yue": "星架坡",
                    "fr": "Singapour",
                    "hak": "Sîn-kâ-po",
                    "gan": "新加坡",
                    "wuu": "新加坡",
                    "uk": "Сінгапур",
                    "km": "សិង្ហបុរី",
                    "sv": "Singapore",
                    "ko": "싱가포르",
                    "mr": "सिंगापूर",
                    "el": "Σιγκαπούρη",
                    "en": "Singapore",
                    "it": "Singapore",
                    "my": "စင်ကာပူနိုင်ငံ",
                    "ta": "சிங்கப்பூர்",
                    "es": "Singapur",
                    "zh": "新加坡",
                    "pa": "ਸਿੰਗਾਪੁਰ",
                    "ar": "سنغافورة",
                    "th": "สิงค์โปร",
                    "ja": "シンガポール",
                    "fa": "سنگاپور",
                    "da": "Singapore",
                    "he": "סינגפור"
                "wikipedia": "",
                "slug": "singapore-sin-sg"

Response Parameters:

Parameter Description
name City name. Available in the Free plan.
city_code Metropolitan area IATA code. Available in the Free plan.
un_locode United Nations location code.
lat Geo Latitude. Available in the Free plan.
lng Geo Longitude. Available in the Free plan.
alt City elevation (in meters).
timezone Airport location timezone.
country_code ISO 2 country code from Countries DB. Available in the Free plan.
population Total city population.
names Alternative names in different languages.
wikipedia Link to city information in Wikipedia.
slug AirLabs generated uniq Airport ID, which you can use for SEO, etc.

By the way, you may also be interested in the leaflet.js library.

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