Airline Fleet Database

Learn about the airline fleet database, aircraft API and global aircraft database.

This page contains basic and minimum required airplanes information for every airline in the world.

Augment your products with data from the Aircraft Fleet Database, tell users the age, model or type of aircraft.

Thanks to the Aircraft Fleet Database API our customers increase the quality of the information provided in their websites and applications.

Airline Fleet Database API request:


Airline Fleet Database API request parameters:

Parameter Description
api_key required Your API Key from acccount dashboard.
limit optional The maximum number of rows is 500, and 50 for free keys.
offset optional Pagination offset for use with result limits (0+ until request.has_more)
airline_iata optional Filtering by Airline IATA code.
airline_icao optional Filtering by Airline ICAO code.
hex optional Filtering by ICAO24 Hex address.
reg_number optional Filtering by aircraft Registration number.
msn optional Filtering by Manufacturer Serial Number.
flag optional Filtering by Country ISO 2 code from Countries DB.
_fields optional Fields to return (comma separated, e.g.: hex,airline_iata,manufacturer)

Airline Fleet Database example response:

                "hex": "A9D286",
                "reg_number": "N732AN",
                "flag": "US",
                "airline_icao": "AAL",
                "airline_iata": "AA",
                "seen": 172540,
                "icao": "B77W",
                "iata": "77W",
                "model": "Boeing 777-300ER pax",
                "engine": "jet",
                "engine_count": "2",
                "manufacturer": "BOEING",
                "type": "landplane",
                "category": "H",
                "built": 2015,
                "age": 6,
                "msn": "31549",
                "line": "1257",
                "lat": 25.263,
                "lng": 51.612,
                "alt": 0,
                "dir": 67,
                "speed": 1,
                "v_speed": 0,
                "squawk": "0000"

Aircraft Database response parameters:

Parameter Description
hex ICAO24 Hex address. Available in the Free plan.
reg_number Aircraft Registration Number
flag ISO 2 country code from Countries DB.
airline_icao Airline ICAO code. Available in the Free plan.
airline_iata Airline IATA code. Available in the Free plan.
icao Aircraft ICAO type. Available in the Free plan.
icao Aircraft IATA type. Available in the Free plan.
model Aircraft full model name.
manufacturer Aircraft manufacturer name. Available in the Free plan.
msn Manufacturer serial number.
line Manufacturer line number.
type Aircraft type - landplane, seaplane, tiltrotor, helicopter, gyrocopter, amphibian.
category Wake turbulence category - J (Super), H (Heavy), M (Medium), L (Light), L/M (Variation).
engine Aircraft engine type - jet, piston, turboprop/turboshaft, electric.
engine_count Aircraft engine number - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
built Aircraft built year
age Aircraft age (years)
Latest geo-position
lat Latest geographically latitude (if known)
lng Latest geographically longitude (if known)
alt Latest barometric altitude in meters (if known)
dir Latest airplane direction (if known)
speed Latest airplane speed in km/h (if known)
speed Latest vertical speed in m/s (if known)
squawk Latest transponder squawk code (if known)
last_seen Latest transponder signal time (if known)

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