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FlightAware API – FlightAware Data. FlightAware AeroAPI vs AirLabs Data API.

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FlightAware API – AeroAPI

FlightAware is a digital aviation company that operates the world's largest flight tracking and data platform.

FlightAware data is trusted throughout the aviation industry.

FlightAware Data and FlightAware AeroAPI services contain flight tracking data derived from air traffic control systems in more than 45 countries, FlightAware's network of ADS-B ground stations in 195 countries, space-based ADS-B, and through all major providers.

“Full details of the current FlightAware terms of use can be found at www.flightaware.com. All trademark rights belong to their owners. On this page you can read a comparison review with AirLabs.”

Similar to FlightAware API, AirLabs combines big data from dozens of different providers that include both ground-based ADS-B and satellite data, connecting everything into a single database in real time.

Flight Aware API

Flight Aware provide public APIs, you must contact a sales representative to discuss connecting to the FlightXML / AeroAPI.

AirLabs Aviation APIs are available for experimenting right after registration.

FlightAware Data

FlightAware provides detailed flight location data and many other flight event data services. Both direct data streams and historical data files can be customized according to the parameters you need.

All AirLabs documentation is publicly available, and provides a wide range of methods, such as Flight Status API, Airline Schedule Database, Flight Routes Database and more.

FlightAware API documentation

FlightAware API provides comprehensive documentation for developers and an interactive portal, and the REST-based API is compatible with all programming languages.

FlightAware API is a query-based API that gives software developers access to various flight services data.

AirLabs provides exactly the same easy access to data and you can take a look at an example usage below.


  "airline_iata": "BA",
  "airline_icao": "BAW",
  "flight_iata": "BA6984",
  "flight_icao": "BAW6984",
  "flight_number": "6984",
  "cs_airline_iata": "AA",
  "cs_flight_number": "2421",
  "cs_flight_iata": "AA2421",
  "dep_iata": "MIA",
  "dep_icao": "KMIA",
  "dep_terminal": "C",
  "dep_gate": "E4",
  "dep_time": "2021-07-14 19:53",
  "dep_time_ts": 1626306780,
  "dep_time_utc": "2021-07-14 23:53",
  "dep_estimated": "2021-07-14 22:10",
  "dep_estimated_ts": 1626315000,
  "dep_estimated_utc": "2021-07-15 02:10",
  "arr_iata": "SFO",
  "arr_icao": "KSFO",
  "arr_terminal": "1",
  "arr_gate": "B24",
  "arr_baggage": "1",
  "arr_time": "2021-07-14 22:52",
  "arr_time_ts": 1626328320,
  "arr_time_utc": "2021-07-15 05:52",
  "arr_estimated": "2021-07-15 01:09",
  "arr_estimated_ts": 1626336540,
  "arr_estimated_utc": "2021-07-15 08:09",
  "status": "scheduled",
  "duration": 359,
  "delayed": 137

FlightAware API pricing

FlightAware API has a difficult fee to use per request and subject to a monthly minimum of $100 or more.

The pricing policy at AirLabs is transparent, and the services are available to a wide range of developers, startups, and large companies.

FlightAware API free

FlightAware API provides $5 credit for new developers and with a limited number of APIs included. Also, you can use AirLabs Aviation APIs, which provides similar functionality and gives 1,000 queries per month to the API immediately after registration.

FlightAware API vs AirLabs API

Below is a table of detailed comparison of all key characteristics of Flight Aware API and AirLabs Aviation APIs.

Flight Aware API AirLabs Aviation APIs
Public aviation coverage 80% - 95% 80% - 90%
Flight Radar API
Flight Status API
Schedules API
Average number of flights at a time. 10,000+ 9,000+
Average geo-positioning delay. 5 - 10 seconds 5 - 10 seconds
Public aviation aircrafts
Private jets, helicopters, etc
Instant API access
Public documentation
Price per 25k API calls ~100$ 49$
Price per 100k API calls >100$ 99$
Price per 1M API calls ~1,000$ 499$

Why choose AirLabs Aviation APIs

AirLabs Aviation APIs allows you to create a custom experience for your users and increase the value of your product.

  • Airport database with IATA and ICAO codes.

  • City database with names and geo-locations.

  • Airline database with detailed information.

  • Airline routes database with departure & arrival information. 

  • Detailed air fleet database.

  • Countries database.

  • Real-Time Flights Tracking API.

  • Timetable Schedules API.

  • Real-time flight status and information.

  • Flight Alert API to monitor all updates.

  • Nearest Geo API for searching airports and cities by radius.

  • Autocomplete API to suggest airports and cities by name.

You can try it right now without any obligation! Get a free flight API plan and see for yourself that we have exactly the data you need!

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to chat with our customers and are sure to find a customized solution for each request.

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